The Best Brass Candlesticks to Buy Online: Vintage and Modern

**Disclaimer: I earn a small commission from some of the items purchased through links in this post, like the Amazon affiliate links. You are really helping me out with your purchases, so thank you!!

When you want to add some vintage flair to your abode but don’t have the time or patience to browse antique malls, I’ve got you covered. Believe it or not, you can find some amazing vintage items online!

Brass candlesticks add a certain charm and elegance to any room. They also tend to be an affordable way to start incorporating vintage décor into your style.

Out of a sea of varieties and options out there, I’ve curated a list of the best brass candlesticks you can buy, with vintage and modern options.

Best Vintage Brass Candlesticks

1. andantiques Assorted Groups

When it comes to finding quality vintage items, Etsy never lets us down. This Etsy seller, andantiques, sells a wide variety of antiques and vintage items ranging from jewelry to furniture and everything in-between. Part of the “everything in-between” includes assorted brass candlesticks bundles.

Bundles come in groups of 2 to 72! Choose the traditional ones linked above or opt for a more mid-century graduated version.

2. UrbanNomadNYC Assorted Pairs

Another amazing Etsy vendor named UrbanNomadNYC sells unique vintage items, specializing mostly in home décor. This vendor lets you choose your favorite option of brass candlestick pairs from the ones listed. This is a great way to buy a matching pair to use as bookends or as simple, balanced décor on any surface.

3. LostandFoundHandwrks Selection

If you’re going to buy a brass candlestick, why not go all out and get an insanely gorgeous candelabra?! This Etsy vendor named LostandFoundHandwrks has tons of amazing glassware and china, as well as other decorative vintage pieces. Purchase a pair of candlesticks from the options available or get one of two candelabras, perfect for the holidays!

Best Modern Brass Candlesticks

1. Tall, Medium, or Small Height Candlesticks

When you aren’t ready to purchase a vintage pair of candlesticks, this is the perfect option for you. This simple set of brass candlesticks comes in pairs at Large, Medium, and Small heights. It’s such a great deal for a set of three brass candlesticks!

2. Chunky Modern Brass Candlesticks

Sometimes vintage items just don’t look modern enough for some spaces. If you have a pretty modern home but still like the look of brass candlesticks, you will love these candlesticks! They look so sleek and interesting with large weighted bottoms and skinny tops. You have the option of selecting either a set of 3 or 6 (I personally love the look of all 6 of them grouped together, but I love the maximalist trend emerging).

3. Mid-Century Modern Tapered Candlesticks

These brass candlesticks are a dream for the mid-century modern homeowner. They look so organic and simple, bypassing the ornate for straighter lines. Avoid being too “matchy” by purchasing the 3 pack of small, medium, and large.

4. Three-Armed Candelabra

If you have an affinity for a certain talking French candelabra from a certain well known film, then you might love this classic candelabra. It looks so shiny and new and would look perfect on a mantle above the fireplace.

Now that You Have Your Candlesticks…

Once you acquire the perfect candlesticks or candelabras for your home, don’t stop there! Check out these posts to help you with valuing, cleaning, and styling with your brass candlesticks:

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What I’ve Learned After One Month of Poshing

**Are you new to Poshmark?? Use my code excarlyarmus and receive $10 credit toward your first purchase! I also receive $10 credit when you sign up, so thank you!! Sign up today here.

When I first listed items on my Poshmark, I felt scared because I had no idea what to expect. Would I be able to sell anything? Would I actually get followers?

Now, after a month of being on Poshmark, I’ve made about $275 and this is what I’ve learned.

It Normally Takes a While to Make Your First Sale

Unless you already buy extremely trendy and expensive clothing, it will take a while to figure out what sells. It also takes a while to learn how to price everything. But don’t be alarmed! It’s okay if your first sale takes a week or longer to sell!

For me, it took exactly one week to make my first sale, and it was on an item from my own closet. The items I purchased from thrift stores ended up being the types of brand names that everyone tries to sell. For example, I had brands like Ann Taylor, LOFT, Banana Republic, Target brands, Jones NY, Ya Los Angeles, and Gap. Not that these brands won’t sell, but they need to be trendy pieces and in-season to really make it worth your while.

Spend More Time in the Thrift Store Curating

When you first start, you probably will be really excited to get in the thrift stores and find your gems. That’s a great sign that you’re going to love selling in the long run! However, over time you will learn to spend more time thinking about multiple elements like the Brand name, whether or not the style of the clothing is trending, the condition of the clothing, how much it costs, and how much you can sell it for on Poshmark.

If, for instance, you find a Free People brand shirt but it has a couple of stains, chances are that the time it will take to remove the stain may not be worth the return on investment once it sells. You may also find that some lower brand names might have some highly sought-after pieces and could sell for more than usual. It just takes time to learn what is selling and to run comps in the store.

Run Comps

What does it mean to run comps, you ask? In PM, there’s a nifty little filter tool where you can choose the items that have already sold. Instead of looking at current listings of your item, filter to see only the sold items to see the actual sell price. Many people over-price their items and shouldn’t be used as comparison sellers.

Once you find your item or similar items, take their sell price and round it up at least 15%. This gives you some wiggle room for sending 10-15% off discounts in your offers when people like the listing.

Send Offers as Quickly as Possible

The sooner you send your offers, the more sales you will make! People change their minds quickly, so be prepared to send your first of three offers within 5 minutes of each like if possible. I price my items automatically 30% higher so that I can offer 10%, 20%, and ultimately 30% offers for each like.

The Bigger Your Closet the Better

This isn’t practical for most of us starting out, but it should be in the back of your mind for the long haul. From following successful sellers on PM, I’ve noticed that most of them have at least a few hundred items in their closets. This helps with more variety AND it helps with buy 2 or more get % off discounts since there is more to choose from in different sizes and styles.

Niche Down or Offer a Little Bit of Everything

When you first start out, you will probably have a bunch of different types of items because you are downsizing your closet. But over time, you will gravitate toward certain types of items in the thrift store. I am noticing that I love finding collectible home decor, especially vintage candlesticks, vintage mugs, MCM art/ceramics, and cottage core floral pictures. These are really fun because sometimes something that catches your eye ends up being worth quite a bit of money to collectors!

I also love looking at dresses, especially maxi dresses, because I’ve noticed they tend to bring in a higher return than other items (by looking at other people’s closets). Right now, I always look for funky vintage blazers and skirts. I also love looking at belts and belt buckles too for some reason.

Find Your Favorite Places to Shop & Get Friendly

When you keep going back to the same thrift store and the same people check you out, introduce yourself and ask when the sales are. Get on a first-name basis so that they enjoy seeing you come in the door and maybe even direct you to the types of things they see you buying on a regular basis. It pays to make connections! Plus, it’s fun!

Source from Different Kinds of Places

If you love selling vintage clothing and decor, an awesome way to find valuable pieces at a discount is by attending estate sales in your area. You can find them by googling estate sales near me. My advice is to go the first day and only buy the things that you are afraid someone else will buy. Save the rest of the items you notice for the last day because almost always the last day offers 50% off all remaining items.

Also, try checking out garage sales in “fancy” neighborhoods. You can find the best deals from people just trying to clean out their houses and make some money before they donate to the thrift store.

Learn to Accept Your Losses

Without a doubt, you will purchase some items that really struggle to sell. Once you sell them, they will bring in just enough to break even or you may even take a loss. Try to look at the long run and see how you made more money on another item that you didn’t expect and realize that it all balances out. Sometimes you may need to offer big sales to get rid of some older inventory or takedown items and save them for a later season.

Also, if you spend a little more on items than you should or you pay for a piece of clothing that has damage you didn’t notice, try to be thankful for where your money is going. Unless you shop at a for-profit thrift store (which I don’t recommend because they really jack up the prices), almost every thrift store gives away some or all their money to really good causes. For instance, I shop at several thrift stores that give out meals to the homeless, offer recovery programs, rescue abandoned animals, and offer job services to unemployed people. This makes me feel so much better about where my money is going as opposed to shopping at Target or something.

Take Advantage of the First Week Algorithm

When you first join, there is an algorithm in place that makes it so that your closet is shared with people at a much higher rate. Take advantage of this short time frame to share your closet a bunch. It will pay off in the long run because you will get the first bulk of your followers in your first week.

Then Work Toward Being a Posh Ambassador

There is a set of criteria for being a posh ambassador, and one of the hardest criteria is sharing other people’s items 5,000 times. Go into the process knowing this so that you share items you like as you go. You also must sell at least 15 items from your closet. There are other criteria that you can look into, but those were the two most challenging for me.

Once you achieve your posh ambassador status, you are automatically shared with new people to PM. You will gain a few followers per day just from this perk.

Are You Interested in Joining Poshmark?

Now that you have these tips in mind, are you interested in joining the Poshmark fam?? If so, I would love for you to use my referral name when you sign up which is @excarlyarmus. This gives us both $10 apiece for spending on PM!! It’s free money and we both win!!

I highly recommend you join PM and receive the benefits of selling second-hand items for a little bit of side cash. It really is worth your time!

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I Started a Poshmark Closet, and So Should You

**Are you new to Poshmark?? Use my referral code excarlyarmus and receive $10 credit to go toward your first purchase! I will also receive $10 for your choice to sign up, so thank you for supporting me!! 🙂

I started a Poshmark closet in March 2021, and now I’m addicted! Why did I never try it before?!

If you haven’t joined the platform, here are a few reasons why you should. But first…

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark operates as a second-hand seller market that runs like a social media site. Each person who joins chooses between being a seller, buyer, or a little bit of both.

In the past few years, second-hand seller markets, especially clothing, thrived. From teenagers to grandmothers, to dads and avid collectors, everyone has a place on Poshmark.

If you choose to list a few things from your own closet, you need access to a label printer and you need to get a few priority mail packages (for free!). Either pick them up at your local post office or have them delivered.

The shipping on each item is a flat rate of $7.45, which is paid by the buyer unless you choose to give a discount. Poshmark keeps 20% of your earnings unless you sell an item for $14 or less. Then, they keep a flat fee of $2.95. Compared to other seller sites, this commission rate is actually really great!

If you don’t have clothes you want to sell or if you like to collect other types of items like home decor or vintage/antique items, you can sell those on Poshmark as well. Really, you can sell just about anything on Poshmark!

Now that you have an idea of how Poshmark operates, let’s jump into why you should join today!

1. Earn Money on Clothes You Would Otherwise Donate

Most of us have extra clothes in our closet that we haven’t touched in over a year. Why not try listing them on Poshmark for some extra cash. You especially should if your items still have tags, look brand new, or are a popular brand like Anthropologie, Free People, or vintage Levi’s.

2. Make PFFs

Poshmark Friends Forever – sounds a little corny, but so many awesome people are active on this site. You have a unique opportunity to connect with some rad people, like vintage clothing pickers, designer shoe curators, and antique jewelry collectors.

3. Stay Busy if You’re Unemployed

Many of us lost our jobs due to Covid-19 (myself included), so we need activities to participate in while we job search. It’s been so fun waking up in the morning to go to thrift stores and look through clothes for the gems. It’s given me a sense of purpose.

4. Put Good Vibes out in the World

If you enjoy sending cards, baking cookies, or generally just sharing the love, then this platform is the perfect place for you. Stand out from the crowd and show that you care by handwriting thank you cards and packaging your items beautifully. You can even throw in a small free gift like a bracelet or pair of earrings. Or consider giving a discount to any future purchasers to keep customers coming back to your closet.

5. Fund Your Shopping Habit

If you would like some supplemental cash to buy clothes, eat out, or get your hair done, Poshmark enables you to do all of that monthly. Finding full-time employment that pays the bills and allows for extra cash can be hard to come by these days. That’s why side hustles, like selling on PM, are really popular.

What’s Stopping You?

Sign up for Poshmark using the code EXCARLYARMUS, and earn $10 to go toward your first order. I also earn $10 as a small commission, so THANK YOU. Tell all your friends!

See you on Poshmark!

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Honest Review of the ThredUp Goody Box

If you’re like me, you love shopping second-hand and finding the perfect brand name clothing item. Especially when it fits like a glove and is less than $10.

But sometimes digging through racks and racks of old clothes at thrift stores takes too much time and effort. Unless you run a Poshmark closet like me, you probably can’t dedicate a lot of time to thrifting like you wish.

Enter ThredUp. ThredUp acts like an online thrift store. Send in your old items and they dig through them and give you ThredUp credit. Use that credit (plus probably some cash) to shop online browsing through thousands of gently used items.

Even this method takes time and effort, though you can browse from the convenience of you own home. What if you want someone to do all the work for you and have the ability to try on items and send back what you don’t like (for free!!)? Maybe you should try the Goody Box.

What is a Goody Box?

The Goody Box from ThredUp is a curated box of ten gently used items, including up to 3 types of items: clothing, outerwear, shoes, athleisure wear, handbags, or jewelry. You choose the three types of items you want to receive and they send you ten items within those categories.

You take a detailed quiz giving your style preferences, preferred brands, your sizes (you give two), colors you like to wear, and a picture from your Pinterest. Tip: If you want items to be within your style preferences, do not skip the option of sending a photo from your Pinterest!! I have a friend who neglected to do this and was very disappointed in her box feeling it wasn’t really her style.

The Goody Box costs a nonrefundable $10, but that $10 is applied to any item(s) you keep. If some or all of the items don’t work for you, send them back in the same box with the pre-printed shipping label for free (unless you send back all the items, in which case they keep the $10). The shipping label is wedged behind the tissue paper in the back of the box, so don’t throw the box away! You have up to 7 days to return your items for free or you will be charged for all ten items.

Choose to receive a one-time box or sign up for a subscription receiving a box every 3 months. Note that most, if not all, of these items are brand name, some still with tags on them. This is a great way to be part of sustainability and the recycle/reuse movement!

My Honest Review

Some of the items in my box were absolutely my style and exactly what I expected. Other items didn’t quite hit the mark, so I was sure to give detailed feedback to my stylist for next time (yes, there will be a next time!).

This is the picture I sent from my Pinterest for reference:

I wanted jeans, t-shirts, and oversized blazers to wear while working from home. I also requested midi and maxi dresses to prepare for Spring. However, you can only send one photo for reference, so my stylist really had no idea what type of dresses I was looking for. Next time, I will give more details.

Take a look for yourself and decide if my stylist nailed it with the reference photo I gave her!

1. Brown Neiman Marcus Button Up Vest

I appreciated the concept with this piece because it mimics the dressiness of a blazer while being sleeveless for Spring. Unfortunately, the color is not at all flattering on me and the shoulders of the vest hung down over my shoulders. It looked frumpy on me instead of fresh, and so I decided immediately that this was a No.

2. Unbranded Plaid Blazer (Francesca’s)

When I took this blazer out of the box, I squealed and did a little happy dance. It’s an awesome blazer (I mean look at those suede elbow pads) with the cutest satin polka dot liner. Perfect for rolling up the sleeves, which is exactly what I wanted to do with it.

It wasn’t exactly perfect since it is more fitted than oversized. And it is dry clean only (most blazers are) when I requested machine wash clothes. I understand I was probably asking for something impossible with that since most blazers are dry clean only.

3. Blush Harlowe & Graham Blazer

I like the look of this slouchy blazer, but the color was a no go for me. It looked like my skin color and really washed me out. The brand Harlow & Graham is known for being high quality, so I was impressed to find it in the box. If it would have been in black or a primary color, it might have been more of a win.

4. Red Leith Bodycon Midi Dress (New with tags!)

This dress fit very well and you could feel the quality. With that being said, I am at a weight that I’m not really excited to show off my body with, so I felt uncomfortable in it. It had a slit that came up to halfway on my thigh, which is very sexy. It’s just not a practical dress for this time in my life. But can you believe it still had the tag??

5. Black Banana Republic Bodycon Maxi Dress

This Banana Republic dress fell a little closer to the mark but was still a little too form-fitting for me. I love that it was a maxi dress and that it was black. I just didn’t like that it was tight instead of flowy. The belt was in excellent condition and the swoop neck was really flattering.

6. Grey Max Studio Fitted Tshirt

When I saw this t-shirt, I doubted it’s quality. Then I put it on. The sleeves are a bit fitted, so it doesn’t look like a slouchy t-shirt. It also feels stretchy but durable. I never heard of Max Studio, but this simple shirt definitely put them on my radar!

7. Denim Madewell Button Up Shirt

Goodness, the quality of Madewell things! This shirt felt like a dream and was oversized. I could tell that it would last me for years to come. Visually, though, it looked a little too oversized without contouring in the right places.

8. J. Crew Straight Leg Jeans

Y,all, you know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans. I’m not kidding when I say that these jeans fit like a glove. I honestly still can’t believe it. They have the perfect broken-in feeling so amazing with used jeans and they are in excellent condition still. I love love love these jeans. Not to mention, the pockets sit high on the bum making it look perky! Which is extra awesome!

9. Weekday Skinny Jeans

While the quality of these jeans was amazing, the fit was a little too tight with not much forgiveness. I also feel like the pockets on theses made my butt look flat and small. I like accentuating my curves strategically, so they just weren’t the jeans for me.

10. White Madewell Tshirt

Again, let’s hear it for Madewell. While this t-shirt may not look like much on the hanger, it’s adorable on! The slits on the side of the t-shirt make it fall perfectly above the hips, snatching the waist a little bit. It creates the illusion of an hourglass shape, and I’m here for it. It also feels so comfortable!

What I Kept and Why

Ignore the red Leith dress. I almost kept it because my husband loved it so much, but at the last minute, I decided not to keep it. I just didn’t feel comfortable in it, so I knew I wouldn’t wear it long-term.

Excepting the red dress, I chose to keep the J. Crew jeans, the Francesca blazer, the Max Studio t-shirt, and the Madewell t-shirt. I think this shows that if you send a picture to your stylist, they will find items that match your style! If you request other types of items outside of your picture example, they may struggle more to match your style.

How Much Was It?

This item list alone shows why the Goody Box is worth it! Look at how much money it saved me to shop second-hand!

I chose the unbranded blazer at $24.99, the Max Studio t-shirt at $16.99, the J. Crew jeans at $33.99, and the Madewell t-shirt at $20.99. That’s a total of $96.96, savings totaling $210.04!

Do I Recommend the Goody Box?

If you love shopping second-hand, especially for particular items like brand-name used jeans, then yes! I recommend the goody box! It was so fun opening a box and trying on ten different items. It felt a little bit like Christmas.

If you don’t have a Pinterest and you don’t plan on sending a picture, then expect it to take a few tries before your stylist gets it right. Otherwise, maybe this option isn’t for you. Perhaps they will continue to streamline their process and make it more accessible for people without a Pinterest. But until then, it may not be the best option for you sans Pinterest.

Have you tried the Goody Box? If so, let me know if the comments below if it worked for you and whether or not you’ll try it again!

34 Quality Online Vintage Rug Shops

When it comes to the saying, “They don’t make them like they used to,” vintage and antique rugs spring to mind. With hand-woven, quality materials and unique designs, vintage and antique rugs not only look beautiful but withstand the test of time.

Before jumping into this ultimate list of rugs, it’s important to differentiate between antique and vintage rugs. The distinction lies in the age: antique items age as more than 100 years old. Anything more modern but in used condition categorizes as vintage.

Also, not all vintage rugs come from the same regions, are made of the same materials, or are made using the same techniques. The following gives a brief explanation of each type of rug based on region:

  • Oriental – Originating in countries like Turkey, China, India, and Iraq (formerly Persia), oriental rugs remain the most popular vintage and antique rug category due to ancient weaving techniques that withstand the test of time. Some categories of rugs within the oriental tradition include Persian, Kilim, Ikat, Chobi Ziegler, and Bokhara.
  • Moroccan (African) – Originally, women weaved rugs for their families in Morocco to be used as saddles, bed coverings, shrouds, and layered as floor coverings. Each unique due to being hand-woven, Moroccan rugs fall into one of these categories: Beni Ourain, Azilal, Boujad, Beni Mguild, Boucherouite, Kilim, or R’Bati.
  • European, including Scandinavian – While Europe lags behind Asia and Africa in the ancient art of rug-making, it still offers unique types of vintage rugs. Most European rugs differ from one another by being asymmetric, floral-patterned, and neutral or subdued in color. Scandinavian rugs specifically tend to be geometrically patterned and flat-woven.
  • American – According to, the three categories of American vintage rugs include Navajo geometric flat-woven rugs, Art Nouveau nature patterns, and Art Deco rugs with strong geometric patterns.

Now that you hold some basic information about vintage and antique rugs, you possess the necessary tools to begin your search for a rug in your home. Remember to complete due diligence in your research by:

  • Asking for extra pictures of the rugs in which you are interested
  • Double-checking the return policy in case the rug you receive doesn’t work in your space
  • Trying to get as much history as possible about your rug for appraisal purposes or just for more information when you pass it on as an heirloom

Now, go forth! With this full list of vintage rug vendors you certainly possess the resources needed to find the perfect vintage or antique rug(s) for your home!

1. Revival Rugs | $552.00

You must specify vintage rugs in your search as Revival Rugs also sells new rugs. They specialize in vintage rugs from Turkey and Morocco only. Prices tend to stay under or around $1,000, making Revival Rugs one of the most affordable online vendors for vintage rugs.

2. Kilim Studio | $459.00

As the name suggests, Kilim Studio focuses on kilim-style vintage and antique rugs. Kilim denotes a no-pile or flatweave technique from many different regions in Asia and Africa. The antique kilims vary in the thousands while the vintage kilims range around or under $1,000.00.

3. Etsy

RainbowRugShop | | $432.00

For the widest range of vendors, check out Etsy for vintage or antique rugs. My pick RainbowRugShop sells mostly Turkish rugs, with a wide variety of doormats, runners, and area rugs. Most of their rugs hover in the price range of $200-500.00.

4. eBay | $399.00

Although eBay requires more digging on the consumer’s part, it remains king in finding the best deals. From thorough research, I found that savvy rug collectors constantly recommended eBay as one of the best places to find vintage and antique rugs for reasonable prices. Remember, though, each seller on eBay differs. It’s important to do your research and only buy from sellers who are highly rated and who provide good information about the rugs they sell.

5. One Kings Lane | $899.00

To help avoid cheaply made rugs or vintage rugs in terrible condition, One Kings Lane curates their rugs based on 13 chosen brand name vintage rugs. Their collection includes quality rugs from designers like F. J. Kashanian, Habibi Imports, and Eli Peer Oriental Rugs. What this means for the average consumer is more bang for your buck when it comes to authentic, specially-chosen vintage rugs.

6. Chairish | $1,080.00

If you want a wider range of rugs from different regions, Chairish provides a wider selection. Within their vintage rugs category, they offer rugs from Persia, Turkey, Morocco, the U.S. (Art Deco, Karastan rugs from North Carolina, and Native American), and China. Keep in mind that Chairish’s return policy is pretty strict and leaves no room for returning items for free if they don’t work for your space.

7. Canary Lane | $949.00

The founder of Canary Lane Designs began her business by personally traveling to Turkey and establishing relationships with rug-makers. Some of their rugs are modern-day and support women in Turkey. The vintage rugs sourced from different regions in Africa, Asia, and Europe are hand-picked and specially washed. These vintage rugs exceed expectations in quality so the prices reflect that!

8. Vintage Persian Rugs | $625

For the most part, antique rugs on this site run in the thousands while vintage rugs merely run in the hundreds or low thousands. Vintage Persian Rugs sells many antique rugs in the tens of thousands down to vintage picks under $1,000.00. Along with their large selection of rugs, they offer professional restoration and cleaning for any vintage rugs you already own.

9. Sister Golden | $489.00

Vintage rugs from Sister Golden come from either Turkey or Morocco. The inventory is very small but the uniqueness of the rugs is incredible! I’ve never seen such uniquely colorful and beautiful rugs anywhere else. They truly choose one of a kind vintage rugs in good shape. And they typically range under $1,000!

10. ABC Carpet & Home | $1,100.00

If you’ve ever thought that vintage rugs look a little drab for your taste, ABC Home is the place for you! They specialize in taking faded vintage rugs in good shape and dying them bright colors. They are under their “Color Reform” category. They also follow the sanskrit process of taking scraps from old rugs and restoring them into a cohesive piece, found under the “Alchemy” collection.

11. Rejuvenation | $899.00

Vintage rugs on this site come from Turkey, Persia, and the U.S. as Navajo rugs. Most of their limited inventory leans toward geometric and tribal patterns. Many boho trends utilize geometric patterns in their décor, so if you love this design style Rejuvenation may be the best site for you to check out.

12. Handknotted | $1,369.00

Restoration being the game, Handknotted takes vintage rugs and uses three different techniques. First, they over dye them to make them more colorful and breathe new life in them. Then, they wash them to ensure their safety and quality in your home. Finally, they shave them down to a low pile for more durability. Due to this process, these rugs range more in the low thousands like $1,500-$5000.

13. Old New House | $1,810.00

When it comes to variety, Old New House wins. It offers a large range of vintage and antique rugs from multiple regions, with different levels of quality and varying designs. Immediately notice the difference between antique and vintage rugs with the word being added in each description respectively. Also, change the search filters to show oldest to newest in age if you prefer antique rugs.

14. Green Front Rugs | $1,250.00

The curators at Green Front Rugs go directly to the sources for their rugs, meaning they have direct relationships with sellers in a variety of countries. They hand pick their rugs and offer a large variety from brand new to vintage. To view their vintage rugs, set the filter underneath the “Style” tab at the top.

15. Ambitious Home | $830.00

Unless otherwise stated, each rug listed on Ambitious Home is one of a kind and vintage. They are each lovingly named cute names like “Carissa” and “Frankie,” so you know the owner really loves each one. Like Sister Golden, the curators do a wonderful job of choosing unique rugs that mesh well with modern design. They also seem to have a larger selection.

16. eCarpet Gallery | $430.85

For a site that constantly runs different sales and marks down their vintage rugs, eCarpet Gallery remains a competitive place to find affordable vintage rugs. Under the “Rug Styles” tab, choose vintage for their full collection of vintage rugs. They also overdye faded vintage rugs, and you can find them under the “Overdyed and Distressed Rugs” category.

17. The Vintage Rug Shop | $1,355.00

The founder of the Vintage Rug Shop created her collection because she was frustrated with new low-quality rugs. After discovering the quality of vintage rugs in-person at a flea market, she decided she wanted to hunt down quality vintage rugs as a side business. Part of the Vintage Rug Shop’s philosophy is to look for “the messiness and patina of everyday living” in all the décor and furniture they collect. That just sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

18. Maven Collection | $600.00

The owner of Maven Collection cares a lot about empowering artisans across the globe and ethically sourcing her products. You can rest assured that each rug is hand-picked and helps an artisan from across the globe. Not every rug listed is vintage, so be sure to click on the rug in which you are interested and read the description carefully. Many of these rugs look imperfect and handmade, which is either good or bad depending on what style you love!

19. The Gardener’s House | $600.00

This site makes it easy to explore different types of rugs in the same type of design style. They group their vintage rugs in named collections, such as “Vintage Color Collection,” “Free Form Collection,” and “The Flat Weave Collection.” They claim to be the first to marry the vintage Moroccan rug with modern style. Their presentation on their website seems to backup that claim.

20. Homestead Seattle | $476.00

The rugs on Homestead Seattle sell out very quickly, so the inventory is competitive. Based out of Seattle, this company strives to sell mid-century modern décor collected from all over. They offer all of their items to be rented with enough notice, so they are the perfect place to check out if you have an event or photo shoot coming up. You have to contact them for rental rates.

21. The Loom House | $750.00

For antique Persian rugs specifically, check out the Loom House. By not spreading themselves too thin and offering a wide range, you notice the quality of each specially picked antique Persian rug on their site. Expect to pay thousands for one of these rugs since they are antique and typically in fantastic condition.

22. Huntt Vintage Rugs & Kilims | $999.00

Dedicated to selling vintage and antique rugs solely, Huntt Vintage Rugs & Kilims offers a few categories. Vintage rugs are grouped based on different sizes, then there’s kilim rugs, Turkish rugs, Chinese rugs, and antique American hooked rugs. The antique American hooked rugs really set them apart from the competition with unique floral and domestic patterns.

23. Apartment Therapy Bazaar | $910.00

A surprising place to find vintage and antique rugs is Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar. Functioning much like eBay, you can choose options on the side to show rugs with fixed prices versus the ones taking the best offer. This site may be more time-consuming since you need to scroll through such a wide range of different types of rugs, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

24. Rug Source | $522

Like other rug vendors, Rug Source sells rugs from antique to brand new. Make sure you select the antique category at the top in order to filter out the brand new options. Most of their antique rugs either list as Moroccan or Persian, so they are a great vendor to check out if you love these types of rugs!

25. Blue Parakeet Rugs | $1,675.00

On their About Page, Blue Parakeet Rugs claims that most of their rugs are a century old if not older. This means that most of their rugs are considered antique, which is amazing considering their affordability. Their prices ranges from a couple hundred dollars to up to $5,000.00.

26. Esmaili Rugs | $899.00

Esmaili Rugs offers a wide variety from Asia, Africa, and North America. To view the vintage rugs, choose the vintage filter on the left-hand side. They also offer an antique filter. With each rug they offer a “tear sheet” where you can save a pdf of a detailed description of the rugs you are viewing, complete with pictures. This helps you to narrow down your search later if you need to think about your purchases.

27. New England Loom | $879.00

Like Ambitious Home, The New England Loom names their rugs based on people or places. Since they handpick their rugs based on quality and color, they have a low inventory from which to choose. But that means you are choosing from the cream of the crop!

28. Rug and Weave | $582.00

Rug&Weave offers a small listing of vintage and antique rugs. Most, if not all, of the listings are under $1,000.00!

29. Swoon Rugs | $595.00

Something special about Swoon Rugs is that they offer complimentary recommendations of vintage rugs for your space. You just email them at Otherwise, browse their curated collections of vintage rugs for handpicked quality.

30. Loom + Kiln | $878.00

New rugs list every Wednesday at 9am, so the inventory stays fresh and updated at Loom + Kiln. Most of their rugs look like the tribal, boho-chic patterns so popular this decade.

31. Frances Loom | $650.00

To view items before they sell out, become a member at Frances Loom. You can sign in and gain early access to listings about to drop. Otherwise, prepare to constantly find sold out listings on their page (they have extreme high demand and loyal shoppers).

33. Woven Abode | $750.00

Each rug at Woven Abode is either vintage or antique and lovingly named. Note that all sales are final, so make sure you love the rug you choose before you buy it!

34. EBTH | $39 (bid-based + shipping)

Like eBay, Everything but the House or EBTH works on a bid-based system. The shipping is where it hurts (always check shipping before bidding). However, many individual sellers use this platform, so deals abound. You never know what treasure you may find for a very reasonable price, even with shipping considered!

Did I miss any?

Who do you recommend for vintage and antique rug shopping? Leave them in the comments below. Also, if you buy from any of these vendors, leave pictures of your one-of-a-kind rugs so that we all can oooh and aaaah over your find!

Ultimate List of Online Vintage Stores and Flea Markets

Not everyone has the time or energy to go looking for antiques and vintage items in-person, especially if looking for particular items. In many cases, it takes experience in knowing what to look for and it takes time to pick through unwanted items. If the in-person approach has hindered you from looking for vintage items, then this list is for you!

Some things to consider when using online vendors is to look for a highly rated seller, free or cheap shipping costs, and fair costs based on the true value of your items. Value varies depending on how long you’ve looked for a particular item, how popular it is, and whether or not it perfectly fits your criteria. The more frequently you check these sites, the better of a grasp you will have on price comparisons.

Never be afraid to haggle a little bit, even online. If you can privately message the seller, send them a message asking for a cheaper price and give reasons why (you found it on another site for cheaper, you see that it’s been listed for a while without being sold, etc.). Always remember to be polite and be sure to avoid offending them by offering too low of a price. Normally about 10-20% off is a reasonable range.

At the end of the day, if you really love an item then you need to take that into consideration with the price. What I may think is too expensive may be reasonable in your opinion, especially if it’s an item you’ve looked for over a long period of time.

Now, with these tips in mind, get out there and search for your own vintage treasures using this comprehensive list of vendors!

Comprehensive Sellers (Clothing to Furniture)


Without surprise, Etsy continues to be a dominant hub of independent vendors and artists. One particular niche that thrives on this site is antique and vintage items. One of my favorite things about Etsy is the community that has been built around the site.

Many vendors are willing to haggle, throw in bonus items, give free shipping, and be honest about what they are able to do for you. You may be surprised at how much they are willing to work with you in order to get your business. Plus, you have the added bonus of knowing that you are helping a small business every time you buy from this site!


Another huge site of vendors includes the powerhouse ebay. One of the main headings on their site is “Collectibles & Art.” Underneath this heading, you can find antiques, art, comics, stamps, coins, pottery, and more.

Ebay functions on an auction system, so the vendor will take the best offer on the item. This means that they expect you to haggle from the beginning. If the vendor hasn’t been able to move this item in a while, they may be willing to take significantly less than the asking price. In fact, they most likely have taken haggling into consideration when listing the item so that it’s probably worth around 20% less than the listing price.

Everything but the House

Like ebay, Everything but the House works on an auction system. Be aware that the shipping on this site tends to be pricey, so be sure to use their shipping estimation tool before adding your bid. For instance, the bid may only be $1 but the shipping could be $50! This makes a big difference in the ending price.

With shipping in mind, it’s still a great place to find some unique art pieces and furniture in good shape. Even with the added shipping, it can be worth it in the end if you find the perfect piece for your home.

1st Dibs

For luxury items, 1st Dibs has quite the selection of furniture, clothing, and everything in-between. This site definitely isn’t for everybody, but it’s good to keep in mind if you are looking for a particular piece of furniture or if you are a collector of a certain brand name clothing. Just know that the price range will be more in the thousands on this site, so it may be more of a “look and dream” type of site for most of us.

Try looking for items being sold on more affordable sites before taking the plunge with an item on this site. Of course, you may not be able to find it anywhere else, but it doesn’t hurt to look.

Live Auctioneers

For an incredible range of affordable paintings and art pieces, Live Auctioneers probably takes the cake. Of course, many other types of vintage items like fashion, décor, furniture, and jewelry can be found here, as well. This site tends to also be on the pricier side, but it stays within reach (within the hundreds) for most things, making a bit more affordable (typically) than 1st Dibs.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane reminds me a lot of Etsy. You have the option of emailing the vendor personally, so there’s definitely more room for haggling on the price of the item and the shipping. It also has a wide selection of constantly changing inventory. Some pretty gems I found recently: a Blue Ridge powder box, a tole hand painted metal tray, and a set of six green goblets.


Bonanza offers expansive variety as an online seller market, from used vintage clothing, collectibles, vintage décor, and true antiques. The best part about Bonanza is the extensive search bar on the left side–it even gives the option to choose an era like Art Deco, Victorian, and Baroque.

One of my favorite features is that on the photo it lists the price and shipping option – like “free shipping,” calculate shipping, or an actual shipping price. Shipping varies by seller.


Selency is an online flea market with ever-changing inventory. The best part about Selency includes the search filters on the left-hand side. Choose whether or not you want only items who have a negotiable price and if you want to see items on sale. Also, narrow down your search if you’re looking for a specific item by inputting the color, designer, style, material, and dimensions.

Please note, this website lists items in euros since vendors sell from one of four countries: France, Netherlands, Great Britain, or Belgium.


For local inventory from every day sellers, Craigslist still competes. On the homepage under “for sale,” the category “antiques” is listed first. Click there and then put in your zip code and the amount of miles you’re willing to drive to pick up items and it will show you every item for sale in your area. I

f you would like to see items that are able to be shipped from anywhere, be sure to click “delivery available” on the left-hand side. In keeping with the times, Craiglist even offers a cryptocurrency pay option.

letgo (OfferUp in the U.S.)

OfferUp functions as an app on your phone. Like many online seller sites, the prices tend to be high (people normally try to sell an item here before giving up and donating it). Don’t be afraid to haggle with the seller and give your best offer. Many sellers will be willing to work with you, especially if you are able to pick up the item right away.

The search filters on the left side are more limited, so expect to scroll through a random assortment of antiques instead of being able to specifically search.


If you love PayPal because of it’s secure pay system, then vFlea is the online market for you. It only accepts payments through PayPal and works on a haggle/barter system. It gives you the option to haggle right away, so the seller expects you to offer a lower price than what is listed, which makes the process less awkward.

If you have valuable items you want to sell that are comparable in price, you have the option of bartering those items in exchange for goods as long as the seller accepts the deal.


Like other online flea markets, Mercari has many different categories with “Vintage & Collectibles” being one of them. Filter by brand name, color, price, and condition. Also, select whether or not you want shipping or delivery options. This site tends to be geared more toward collectibles like coins, comic books, and stamps, but other vintage items may be found with a little digging and patience.

Art Fire

Art Fire acts like a smaller Etsy for lack of better description. In order to bypass the handmade and artisanal items and view only vintage items, be sure to select the filter on the left that says “Vintage Only.” This will ensure your search only includes authentic vintage items instead of new items.

Vestiaire Collective

For the most part, Vestiaire Collective sells designer clothing and accessories, but it does have a category called “lifestyle” where collectibles and vintage items like dinnerware, décor, photography, and art can be perused. Vestiaire Collective prides themselves in only selling designer items, so this is the place to look for specific items by specific designers.


For mostly collectibles and vintage items from the 1800s on, check out retrophobia. It functions as an online flea market where you can use the search bar at the top, scroll through the random listings on the home page, or use the left toolbar to search within categories.


5miles only shows items in your area. If you want some excitement and know exactly what you’re looking for, this might be a fun platform to visit. To bypass the bidding wars, go to the regular categories on the side to view local, static listings.

The homepage on 5miles looks a lot like Facebook Marketplace mixed with ebay. It’s called 5miles Dash and operates on a bidding system in real time. A bar at the bottom turns colors and gets smaller as people bid higher and higher. Once accepted, it says “Going once” in yellow, “Going twice” in red, and then SOLD in grey. Then it shows the next item up for bid. If you win the bid, you pay with credit card and then the item is delivered to your door.


Claiming to be the largest online flea market, fleabay offers services, livestock, real estate, transportation, along with typical antiques and vintage items. Due to its size, expect to dig through more listings or to find nothing listed at all. The inventory constantly changes, so you never know what you’ll find.

When you arrive on the page, be sure to click on antiques and collectibles or clothing and accessories at the bottom. This helps narrow your search for vintage items. Be aware that popup ads abound and this site tends to be more time-consuming than other platforms.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace normally offers a wide range of local items from sellers in multiple different situations such as people who may be moving soon, are going through spring cleaning, or just want to make a few extra dollars.

The drawbacks of Facebook Marketplace is that you have to have a Facebook account in order to use it and there is no filter for vintage or antique items. This will require scrolling through the feed in order to find unique items here and there.

Clothing Consignment Stores


When it comes to thrifting for vintage clothing, it can be time-consuming. That’s where thredUP comes in! They make it easy by offering used and like new clothing from multiple brands. As with any consignment store, expect to look around until you find items that are truly vintage or with vintage style.

One way to curate to your style is to order their “goody box.” Go through a simple quiz telling your measurements and preferences, pay a $10 nonrefundable fee, and then receive 10 items that can be returned for free.


Anyone can sell on Poshmark, so it is a large consignment platform with a constantly changing inventory. If you like particular brands and look for vintage items by them (from the 90s or older), then use the filter to view these particular brands. Try checking regularly so that you never miss new items!


Depop is similar to Poshmark but seems to focus more on sellers than products. Sellers on this site tend to have a certain aesthetic, so try following sellers with styles you like. They curate their own inventory so that you can count on them for a consistent look.


On Swap rest easy knowing that they hand pick each item they add to their inventory. It must meet certain quality standards before they choose to sell it. Also, you have the option of returning any item for free within the first 30 days.

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro specializes in vintage clothing, so you don’t have to pick through the listings like on other sites. They only sell items from the 1960s-1990s and these items are handpicked from “raghouses.” The business itself is run by stylists who keep up with vintage trends so that their inventory remains relevant and fresh.


If you love brand names and look for authentic vintage items, look no further! Tradesy specializes in authenticating brand name items (they have a 99.7% accuracy rate). This site offers a wide-range of upscale gently used designer products for classy fashionistas and collectors.

The Real Real

Along the same lines as Tradesy, TheRealReal sells used designer clothing and accessories. It requires each website visitor to sign up with their email in order to become a member to buy or sell. This typically sorts through the phonies and ensures that your sellers are validated.

Patagonia Worn Wear

Patagonia goes above and beyond not only in quality but in customer service. Not only do they sell amazing clothing brand new, but they have a site called Worn Wear where they take recycled whole items and pieces and make new clothing out of them. Beyond that, they offer traveling workshops teaching people how to repair their items themselves through education, saving them money.

Antique Furniture & Vintage Décor

One Kings Lane

Interior designers and antique collectors/consultants run the behind-the-scenes at One Kings Lane, so the products are perfectly curated. On the homepage, be sure to click on the Vintage heading to find their hand-picked designer antiques and vintage items.

Retail runs a bit high on this site, but the quality is amazing. If you trade in antiques or have your own interior design service, consider partnering with them. They offer a “To the Trade” program where consultants help you find the exact pieces you may be hunting for your projects.

Revival Rugs

When in the market specifically for vintage rugs, look no further than Revival Rugs. They find quality vintage rugs made in Turkey and Morocco still in great shape. Narrow your search on the left-hand side by setting the price range, design style, size, country and region, and more. This option ensures you find a truly unique rug that can be found nowhere else.

Kilim Studio

Along the same lines as Revival Rugs, Kilim Studio offers vintage and antique (over 90 years old) rugs. On their website they explain the difference between a kilim flatweave rug and a carpet or pile rug. Basically the weaving technique makes the rug more durable, look flatter, and tends to show geometric patterns. Since they specialize in kilim rugs, their vintage and antique offerings are of the flatweave variety and hail from Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Tara Shaw Antiques

Tara Shaw Antiques provides hand-picked upscale European antiques. A leading interior designer, Tara Shaw incorporates antiques into modern décor for a simple, beautiful space. She also makes her own furniture in a line called Maison, which she feels pairs perfectly with antique furniture. This website leans to the pricier side, but the items are historic and gorgeous.

Rehab Vintage Interiors

Not all antiques and vintage items hold up with the test of time. Rehab Vintage Interiors takes these items and refurbishes them. If you’re the type of person who enjoys combining the old with the new, this is the perfect website for you. The cool part about this website is that they list a phone number so that you can call and speak with an actual human about any items you find. This ensures you’ll learn all about the history if they have it, what they changed and what’s original, and all of your questions will be answered by someone.

Omero Home and Srchie

I list these online stores only because I found them on other lists as recommendations. Over the course of several days and using different browsers I attempted to use these sites. They never worked for me – just buffered with a loading symbol without end or listed zero items with each category. If anyone has suggestions on how to fix this or want to share similar experiences, please comment below. Hopefully it’s a momentary issue with their servers and I’m able to access them soon.

What vintage items do you look for?

Now that you have this complete list of online vintage stores, go search to your heart’s content! I’m curious to know what types of items you look for and why. Leave a comment below with your favorite vintage items to collect, whether or not you do it as a hobby or a business, and if I missed any online vendors you love. Happy shopping!

15 Chic Ways to Decorate with Brass Candlesticks

Thanks to for this image.

**Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for purchases made through some links on this page, including Amazon affiliate links. Your purchases really help me out, so I appreciate it!

So you’ve perused Pinterest and dipped your toes into the vintage world by purchasing a few (or a ton, no judgement) brass candlesticks. Now you need some extra inspiration for how to use them in your home. Look no further! This guide will help you style your home in a chic modern way – a far cry from a vampire lair (unless that’s your thing).

Before we dive in to how to style with your brass candlesticks, let’s discuss value and maintenance. Some brass candlesticks are actually worth quite a lot of money. If you wonder how to tell if your brass candlestick is an antique and what it’s worth, check out this helpful post: Are Brass Candlesticks Worth Anything?.

Cleaning your candlesticks requires a different method based on whether or not they are covered with a lacquer, are pure brass, or just have a brass plating. To avoid any damaging methods, make sure you check out this post for tips on cleaning yours correctly.

Now, without further ado, here’s 13 chic ways to decorate with brass candlesticks.

1. On Your Entryway Table

If you can’t afford a nice chandelier in your entryway for extra light and elegance, place brass candlesticks on your entryway table instead! I recommend you use at least two candlesticks of differing heights to add dimension to your décor.

2. Along Your Fireplace Mantle

Sometimes your fireplace needs to be boarded up because it no longer works. In these instances, think about using a cluster of varying brass candlesticks to add light in a location your guests expect.

This option works for mantles above working fireplaces, too. Light the candles or leave them unlit for a timeless look. If you want to light them and add to your vintage décor, purchase some long-stem matches from Amazon like these:

3. Around Your Bathtub

Take your self care time to the next level by using brass candlesticks around your tub (please be careful when lighting!). When lit, it will feel like a luxury spa in your bathroom!

Extra points if you use tapered candles with a soothing scent that you can order from Amazon, like these:

4. Special Occasions

Use your brass candlestick obsession for your benefit by using them at all of your special events. This could be a wedding, Birthday party, anniversary, or just a really nice dinner for your friends and family. Using brass candlesticks elevates the experience and makes any table setting seem intimate and special.

5. On Your Coffee Table

Use your brass candlesticks on your coffee table, especially if you have a library or formal living room without a television. The low light of the candlesticks makes the space feel warmer and more inviting. They also help make an otherwise stuffy and too-perfect room feel comfortable.

6. As Chic Bookends

Just because they’re called candlesticks doesn’t mean that you have to use them that way. Get creative with them and use them as a pair of bookends. Amp up the vintage style by purchasing a vintage book bundle on Etsy, like this:

Go to Etsy to view this vintage book bundle.

7. Large Maximalist Clusters

A huge trend with this decade is going in the opposite direction of minimalism with “maximalism.” If you want to try out this trend without having to cover one of your walls with pictures or fill your room with plants, try clustering brass candlesticks together.

If you only have a couple and would like to get more, I recommend a bundle like this one from Etsy:

Go to Etsy to view this vintage brass candlestick bundle.

8. Seasonal Decor

When you’re not quite ready for year-round use of brass candlesticks, consider using them for a certain season. Use them during the Fall with pumpkins and dried wreaths. In the Christmas, you can use them instead of Christmas lights with garland.

Make the brass candlesticks even more seasonal by using specially scented candles, like these on Amazon:

9. Mixed with Other Metals

If you don’t really like the look of brass or you want to mix it up, consider placing them with other types of candlesticks. This looks best when using at least three different types, like silver, gold-plated, copper-plated, and/or wood.

10. With Colorful Candles

One way to blend the new with the old is to use colorful taper candles instead of plain white. Colorful candles look young and fresh, perfectly blending vintage candlesticks into a more modern room.

Take a look at packs of candles that come with different colors from Amazon, like this one:

11. Without Candles

If you like the look of brass candlesticks but don’t want to burn the candles for light, remove them entirely for a unique look. This looks best when grouped together and surrounded by other vintage items like books, vases, and china.

12. Year-Round Dining Room Centerpieces

The most practical way to integrate your candlesticks into your décor is to use them on your dining room table. If you sit down with your family every night for dinner, this helps make your time together feel more intimate.

13. In Place of a Lamp

To save on electricity and to incorporate a boho-chic vibe, use candlesticks instead of table lamps. They make everything feel organic and more connected to nature while also making your house look gorgeous.

14. Repurposed as a Serving Stand

If you love DIY projects, especially quick and easy ones, use some of your candlesticks as bases for unique serving stands. Vintage plates can be easily found at most thrift stores and work as great toppers. Just make sure to clean them and the candlesticks really well before using!

15. Small Vases/Planters

If you’re crazy about plants and want to use every inch of space that you can for them, then think about converting your brass candlesticks into vases/planters. You can glue dried flowers into the top for a beautiful, long-term vase. Or you can plant small succulents in them since they are durable and low-maintenance. Just make sure to put them near a window so that the succulents get plenty of light.

Now Go Decorate!

Now that you have some inspiration, go decorate with your brass candlesticks and post pictures in the comments below. Also, if you have any other ideas I missed, be sure to comment below with those so that we can learn together!

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Are Brass Candlesticks Worth Anything?

**Disclaimer: I may earn a small commission for items purchased through some of the links on this site, including Amazon affiliate links. Any purchase you make through these links helps me out a little bit, so I greatly appreciate it!

Strolling through the aisles of thrift stores and antique markets, you’ve probably come across dozens of brass candlesticks. After buying a few here and there for your home, it’s natural to wonder if these things are worth anything.

Most brass candlesticks fit inside the $10-25 range of worth, going up to a couple hundred dollars depending on the manufacturer. However, 19th Century and older candlesticks, especially of the Queen Anne and Victorian varieties could be worth $500-6,000!

How can you tell if your brass candlestick is an antique? Can you tell if your candlestick is brass or bronze? What about styling your room or cleaning them to look good as new? Read further for answers to these questions and more as we explore the world of brass candlesticks and their worth.

The Scoop on Brass Candlesticks

Image of brass candlestick from

Like all antiques, value depends on various factors such as the condition, brand name, style, and age. If you find an original brass candlestick from the 19th century of the Queen Anne variety in excellent condition, it’s probably worth quite a lot, especially if you have a set of two. On the other hand, if you have a brass candlestick made in the 20th century, even if made by a quality brand like Tiffany, it probably won’t be worth more than $50-60.

I say probably because it’s difficult to place a value on something you love. At the end of the day, if you love the brass candlestick you own, whether because of its unique design or because its an heirloom, ultimately you get to decide its worth if someone wants to buy it from you. Just don’t claim it is of an era or from a manufacturer that its not.

How Can You Tell if Your Brass Candlestick Is Antique?

Image of vintage table setting from

According to Terry Kovel, a brass candlestick expert and collector, true Queen Anne brass candlesticks from England in the 1700s possess certain qualities. Originally, two brass sections were soldered together for durability, so authentic brass candlesticks have a seam that runs along them vertically.

Another telling sign of an original brass candlestick shows in its light weight. Turn your candlestick over and if it has rings cut into the bottom, it signifies that a lathe was used to trim out excess brass. This was due to the fact that these candlesticks were sold by the pound, so artisans removed as much brass as possible to sell them cheaper than their competitors. This still happens in the modern day, though, so this must be a quality combined with other telling signs to identify it as Queen Anne.

Victorian era candlesticks lack a seam running vertically because the top and bottom pieces were soldered together in a more discrete way. However, these candlesticks also are lighter in weight with brass soldered out on the bottom. A distinguishing feature of a Victorian candlestick is the “button” on the bottom that lifts a used candle out of the holder to replace.

How Do I Tell the Difference Between Brass and Bronze?

Image of bronze candlesticks in a church from

The main identifier between brass and bronze, according to a post on Metal Supermarkets, lies in the appearance of rings on the surface. If the item is true bronze, you will be able to see faint rings on the surface, whereas brass will be completely smooth.

Also, bronze typically appears much duller and darker than brass. It looks almost brown in some cases and tends to possess less shine than brass. Interestingly, bronze tends to show up in Catholic churches and other religious places like Christian churches or Jewish Synagogues. So if your candlestick has a religious theme, it is likely bronze instead of brass.

On a fundamental level, for the most part brass contains copper and zinc and bronze contains copper and tin. Of course, many different types of brass and bronze alloys exist containing other elements besides just copper, zinc, and tin.

What’s More Expensive – Brass or Bronze?

Bronze remains more expensive (and therefore worth more) than brass because it contains more copper than brass. It also contains tin, which is higher in value than zinc. Brass contains much less copper than bronze and the cheaper material zinc as opposed to the tin in bronze.

Bronze candlesticks are worth more also due to their corrosion resistance, meaning they look the same for much longer when cleaned well. Brass candlesticks tend to patina more quickly, which can be good or bad depending on what you prefer.

How Do You Clean Brass Candlesticks?

If you don’t like the look of patina, you probably want to clean your candlesticks once or twice a year. The best option is to purchase an affordable cleaner made just for brass. Check out these brass cleaners on Amazon:

Brasso Multi-Purpose Metal Polish:
Wright’s Brass Polish:
Bar Keeper’s Friend:

Before you jump to this step, make sure you check to see if there is a lacquer on the surface (is your item peeling in any places or is it tarnishing?). If so, just use a mild soap and warm water to gently clean the surface because the lacquer will protect it from tarnishing if kept in tact. If it’s peeling off a lot, consider taking it to a professional to refinish it (Note: this can be expensive, so only do this if the candlestick is worth it or if it’s an important family heirloom).

Next, determine if your candlestick is pure brass or has brass plating. According to an article on Clever, you can stick a magnet to your candlestick and if it falls off, it’s pure brass. Otherwise, it’s brass plating and you should not polish it (this will make the brass plating flake off).

Styling Your Home with Brass Candlesticks

Image of brass candlestick with modern decor from

Now that you’ve determined whether your candlestick is brass or bronze and if it’s of Queen Anne or Victorian descent, you need some inspo on how to decorate with them in your home. If that’s the case, I’ve got the perfect post for you: 15 Chic Ways to Decorate with Brass Candlesticks.

Vintage Options and Vintage Dupes

Image of brass candlesticks with hot pink candles from

Part of my mission is to make antiques and vintage-looking items more accessible to anyone who is interested (even if you don’t have the time to wander the aisles at a good antique market). For direct links to vintage and vintage dupe brass candlesticks, check out this post (coming soon!).


If you happen to have Queen Anne or Victorian candlesticks that you think could be worth $500 or more, be sure to get them appraised by a local antique appraiser (preferably one with expert knowledge in candlesticks). You can normally find an appraiser with a quick Google search for local antique appraisers.

Brass candlesticks make an excellent addition to any room in your home, no matter your design style. Even if you don’t have a candlestick worth a lot of money, it still makes for a beautiful addition to your home. Like any true collector would say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you think your candlesticks are beautiful, then that is worth something (at least to you)!