The Best Brass Candlesticks to Buy Online: Vintage and Modern

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When you want to add some vintage flair to your abode but don’t have the time or patience to browse antique malls, I’ve got you covered. Believe it or not, you can find some amazing vintage items online!

Brass candlesticks add a certain charm and elegance to any room. They also tend to be an affordable way to start incorporating vintage décor into your style.

Out of a sea of varieties and options out there, I’ve curated a list of the best brass candlesticks you can buy, with vintage and modern options.

Best Vintage Brass Candlesticks

1. andantiques Assorted Groups

When it comes to finding quality vintage items, Etsy never lets us down. This Etsy seller, andantiques, sells a wide variety of antiques and vintage items ranging from jewelry to furniture and everything in-between. Part of the “everything in-between” includes assorted brass candlesticks bundles.

Bundles come in groups of 2 to 72! Choose the traditional ones linked above or opt for a more mid-century graduated version.

2. UrbanNomadNYC Assorted Pairs

Another amazing Etsy vendor named UrbanNomadNYC sells unique vintage items, specializing mostly in home décor. This vendor lets you choose your favorite option of brass candlestick pairs from the ones listed. This is a great way to buy a matching pair to use as bookends or as simple, balanced décor on any surface.

3. LostandFoundHandwrks Selection

If you’re going to buy a brass candlestick, why not go all out and get an insanely gorgeous candelabra?! This Etsy vendor named LostandFoundHandwrks has tons of amazing glassware and china, as well as other decorative vintage pieces. Purchase a pair of candlesticks from the options available or get one of two candelabras, perfect for the holidays!

Best Modern Brass Candlesticks

1. Tall, Medium, or Small Height Candlesticks

When you aren’t ready to purchase a vintage pair of candlesticks, this is the perfect option for you. This simple set of brass candlesticks comes in pairs at Large, Medium, and Small heights. It’s such a great deal for a set of three brass candlesticks!

2. Chunky Modern Brass Candlesticks

Sometimes vintage items just don’t look modern enough for some spaces. If you have a pretty modern home but still like the look of brass candlesticks, you will love these candlesticks! They look so sleek and interesting with large weighted bottoms and skinny tops. You have the option of selecting either a set of 3 or 6 (I personally love the look of all 6 of them grouped together, but I love the maximalist trend emerging).

3. Mid-Century Modern Tapered Candlesticks

These brass candlesticks are a dream for the mid-century modern homeowner. They look so organic and simple, bypassing the ornate for straighter lines. Avoid being too “matchy” by purchasing the 3 pack of small, medium, and large.

4. Three-Armed Candelabra

If you have an affinity for a certain talking French candelabra from a certain well known film, then you might love this classic candelabra. It looks so shiny and new and would look perfect on a mantle above the fireplace.

Now that You Have Your Candlesticks…

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