If you’re like me, you love shopping second-hand and finding the perfect brand name clothing item. Especially when it fits like a glove and is less than $10.

But sometimes digging through racks and racks of old clothes at thrift stores takes too much time and effort. Unless you run a Poshmark closet like me, you probably can’t dedicate a lot of time to thrifting like you wish.

Enter ThredUp. ThredUp acts like an online thrift store. Send in your old items and they dig through them and give you ThredUp credit. Use that credit (plus probably some cash) to shop online browsing through thousands of gently used items.

Even this method takes time and effort, though you can browse from the convenience of you own home. What if you want someone to do all the work for you and have the ability to try on items and send back what you don’t like (for free!!)? Maybe you should try the Goody Box.

What is a Goody Box?

The Goody Box from ThredUp is a curated box of ten gently used items, including up to 3 types of items: clothing, outerwear, shoes, athleisure wear, handbags, or jewelry. You choose the three types of items you want to receive and they send you ten items within those categories.

You take a detailed quiz giving your style preferences, preferred brands, your sizes (you give two), colors you like to wear, and a picture from your Pinterest. Tip: If you want items to be within your style preferences, do not skip the option of sending a photo from your Pinterest!! I have a friend who neglected to do this and was very disappointed in her box feeling it wasn’t really her style.

The Goody Box costs a nonrefundable $10, but that $10 is applied to any item(s) you keep. If some or all of the items don’t work for you, send them back in the same box with the pre-printed shipping label for free (unless you send back all the items, in which case they keep the $10). The shipping label is wedged behind the tissue paper in the back of the box, so don’t throw the box away! You have up to 7 days to return your items for free or you will be charged for all ten items.

Choose to receive a one-time box or sign up for a subscription receiving a box every 3 months. Note that most, if not all, of these items are brand name, some still with tags on them. This is a great way to be part of sustainability and the recycle/reuse movement!

My Honest Review

Some of the items in my box were absolutely my style and exactly what I expected. Other items didn’t quite hit the mark, so I was sure to give detailed feedback to my stylist for next time (yes, there will be a next time!).

This is the picture I sent from my Pinterest for reference:

I wanted jeans, t-shirts, and oversized blazers to wear while working from home. I also requested midi and maxi dresses to prepare for Spring. However, you can only send one photo for reference, so my stylist really had no idea what type of dresses I was looking for. Next time, I will give more details.

Take a look for yourself and decide if my stylist nailed it with the reference photo I gave her!

1. Brown Neiman Marcus Button Up Vest

I appreciated the concept with this piece because it mimics the dressiness of a blazer while being sleeveless for Spring. Unfortunately, the color is not at all flattering on me and the shoulders of the vest hung down over my shoulders. It looked frumpy on me instead of fresh, and so I decided immediately that this was a No.

2. Unbranded Plaid Blazer (Francesca’s)

When I took this blazer out of the box, I squealed and did a little happy dance. It’s an awesome blazer (I mean look at those suede elbow pads) with the cutest satin polka dot liner. Perfect for rolling up the sleeves, which is exactly what I wanted to do with it.

It wasn’t exactly perfect since it is more fitted than oversized. And it is dry clean only (most blazers are) when I requested machine wash clothes. I understand I was probably asking for something impossible with that since most blazers are dry clean only.

3. Blush Harlowe & Graham Blazer

I like the look of this slouchy blazer, but the color was a no go for me. It looked like my skin color and really washed me out. The brand Harlow & Graham is known for being high quality, so I was impressed to find it in the box. If it would have been in black or a primary color, it might have been more of a win.

4. Red Leith Bodycon Midi Dress (New with tags!)

This dress fit very well and you could feel the quality. With that being said, I am at a weight that I’m not really excited to show off my body with, so I felt uncomfortable in it. It had a slit that came up to halfway on my thigh, which is very sexy. It’s just not a practical dress for this time in my life. But can you believe it still had the tag??

5. Black Banana Republic Bodycon Maxi Dress

This Banana Republic dress fell a little closer to the mark but was still a little too form-fitting for me. I love that it was a maxi dress and that it was black. I just didn’t like that it was tight instead of flowy. The belt was in excellent condition and the swoop neck was really flattering.

6. Grey Max Studio Fitted Tshirt

When I saw this t-shirt, I doubted it’s quality. Then I put it on. The sleeves are a bit fitted, so it doesn’t look like a slouchy t-shirt. It also feels stretchy but durable. I never heard of Max Studio, but this simple shirt definitely put them on my radar!

7. Denim Madewell Button Up Shirt

Goodness, the quality of Madewell things! This shirt felt like a dream and was oversized. I could tell that it would last me for years to come. Visually, though, it looked a little too oversized without contouring in the right places.

8. J. Crew Straight Leg Jeans

Y,all, you know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans. I’m not kidding when I say that these jeans fit like a glove. I honestly still can’t believe it. They have the perfect broken-in feeling so amazing with used jeans and they are in excellent condition still. I love love love these jeans. Not to mention, the pockets sit high on the bum making it look perky! Which is extra awesome!

9. Weekday Skinny Jeans

While the quality of these jeans was amazing, the fit was a little too tight with not much forgiveness. I also feel like the pockets on theses made my butt look flat and small. I like accentuating my curves strategically, so they just weren’t the jeans for me.

10. White Madewell Tshirt

Again, let’s hear it for Madewell. While this t-shirt may not look like much on the hanger, it’s adorable on! The slits on the side of the t-shirt make it fall perfectly above the hips, snatching the waist a little bit. It creates the illusion of an hourglass shape, and I’m here for it. It also feels so comfortable!

What I Kept and Why

Ignore the red Leith dress. I almost kept it because my husband loved it so much, but at the last minute, I decided not to keep it. I just didn’t feel comfortable in it, so I knew I wouldn’t wear it long-term.

Excepting the red dress, I chose to keep the J. Crew jeans, the Francesca blazer, the Max Studio t-shirt, and the Madewell t-shirt. I think this shows that if you send a picture to your stylist, they will find items that match your style! If you request other types of items outside of your picture example, they may struggle more to match your style.

How Much Was It?

This item list alone shows why the Goody Box is worth it! Look at how much money it saved me to shop second-hand!

I chose the unbranded blazer at $24.99, the Max Studio t-shirt at $16.99, the J. Crew jeans at $33.99, and the Madewell t-shirt at $20.99. That’s a total of $96.96, savings totaling $210.04!

Do I Recommend the Goody Box?

If you love shopping second-hand, especially for particular items like brand-name used jeans, then yes! I recommend the goody box! It was so fun opening a box and trying on ten different items. It felt a little bit like Christmas.

If you don’t have a Pinterest and you don’t plan on sending a picture, then expect it to take a few tries before your stylist gets it right. Otherwise, maybe this option isn’t for you. Perhaps they will continue to streamline their process and make it more accessible for people without a Pinterest. But until then, it may not be the best option for you sans Pinterest.

Have you tried the Goody Box? If so, let me know if the comments below if it worked for you and whether or not you’ll try it again!

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