When it comes to the saying, “They don’t make them like they used to,” vintage and antique rugs spring to mind. With hand-woven, quality materials and unique designs, vintage and antique rugs not only look beautiful but withstand the test of time.

Before jumping into this ultimate list of rugs, it’s important to differentiate between antique and vintage rugs. The distinction lies in the age: antique items age as more than 100 years old. Anything more modern but in used condition categorizes as vintage.

Also, not all vintage rugs come from the same regions, are made of the same materials, or are made using the same techniques. The following gives a brief explanation of each type of rug based on region:

  • Oriental – Originating in countries like Turkey, China, India, and Iraq (formerly Persia), oriental rugs remain the most popular vintage and antique rug category due to ancient weaving techniques that withstand the test of time. Some categories of rugs within the oriental tradition include Persian, Kilim, Ikat, Chobi Ziegler, and Bokhara.
  • Moroccan (African) – Originally, women weaved rugs for their families in Morocco to be used as saddles, bed coverings, shrouds, and layered as floor coverings. Each unique due to being hand-woven, Moroccan rugs fall into one of these categories: Beni Ourain, Azilal, Boujad, Beni Mguild, Boucherouite, Kilim, or R’Bati.
  • European, including Scandinavian – While Europe lags behind Asia and Africa in the ancient art of rug-making, it still offers unique types of vintage rugs. Most European rugs differ from one another by being asymmetric, floral-patterned, and neutral or subdued in color. Scandinavian rugs specifically tend to be geometrically patterned and flat-woven.
  • American – According to Antique.lovetoknow.com, the three categories of American vintage rugs include Navajo geometric flat-woven rugs, Art Nouveau nature patterns, and Art Deco rugs with strong geometric patterns.

Now that you hold some basic information about vintage and antique rugs, you possess the necessary tools to begin your search for a rug in your home. Remember to complete due diligence in your research by:

  • Asking for extra pictures of the rugs in which you are interested
  • Double-checking the return policy in case the rug you receive doesn’t work in your space
  • Trying to get as much history as possible about your rug for appraisal purposes or just for more information when you pass it on as an heirloom

Now, go forth! With this full list of vintage rug vendors you certainly possess the resources needed to find the perfect vintage or antique rug(s) for your home!

1. Revival Rugs

revivalrugs.com | $552.00

You must specify vintage rugs in your search as Revival Rugs also sells new rugs. They specialize in vintage rugs from Turkey and Morocco only. Prices tend to stay under or around $1,000, making Revival Rugs one of the most affordable online vendors for vintage rugs.

2. Kilim Studio

kilim.com | $459.00

As the name suggests, Kilim Studio focuses on kilim-style vintage and antique rugs. Kilim denotes a no-pile or flatweave technique from many different regions in Asia and Africa. The antique kilims vary in the thousands while the vintage kilims range around or under $1,000.00.

3. Etsy

RainbowRugShop | etsy.com | $432.00

For the widest range of vendors, check out Etsy for vintage or antique rugs. My pick RainbowRugShop sells mostly Turkish rugs, with a wide variety of doormats, runners, and area rugs. Most of their rugs hover in the price range of $200-500.00.

4. eBay

ebay.com | $399.00

Although eBay requires more digging on the consumer’s part, it remains king in finding the best deals. From thorough research, I found that savvy rug collectors constantly recommended eBay as one of the best places to find vintage and antique rugs for reasonable prices. Remember, though, each seller on eBay differs. It’s important to do your research and only buy from sellers who are highly rated and who provide good information about the rugs they sell.

5. One Kings Lane

onekingslane.com | $899.00

To help avoid cheaply made rugs or vintage rugs in terrible condition, One Kings Lane curates their rugs based on 13 chosen brand name vintage rugs. Their collection includes quality rugs from designers like F. J. Kashanian, Habibi Imports, and Eli Peer Oriental Rugs. What this means for the average consumer is more bang for your buck when it comes to authentic, specially-chosen vintage rugs.

6. Chairish


chairish.com | $1,080.00

If you want a wider range of rugs from different regions, Chairish provides a wider selection. Within their vintage rugs category, they offer rugs from Persia, Turkey, Morocco, the U.S. (Art Deco, Karastan rugs from North Carolina, and Native American), and China. Keep in mind that Chairish’s return policy is pretty strict and leaves no room for returning items for free if they don’t work for your space.

7. Canary Lane

canarylanedesigns.com | $949.00

The founder of Canary Lane Designs began her business by personally traveling to Turkey and establishing relationships with rug-makers. Some of their rugs are modern-day and support women in Turkey. The vintage rugs sourced from different regions in Africa, Asia, and Europe are hand-picked and specially washed. These vintage rugs exceed expectations in quality so the prices reflect that!

8. Vintage Persian Rugs

vintagepersianrugs.com | $625

For the most part, antique rugs on this site run in the thousands while vintage rugs merely run in the hundreds or low thousands. Vintage Persian Rugs sells many antique rugs in the tens of thousands down to vintage picks under $1,000.00. Along with their large selection of rugs, they offer professional restoration and cleaning for any vintage rugs you already own.

9. Sister Golden

sistergolden.com | $489.00

Vintage rugs from Sister Golden come from either Turkey or Morocco. The inventory is very small but the uniqueness of the rugs is incredible! I’ve never seen such uniquely colorful and beautiful rugs anywhere else. They truly choose one of a kind vintage rugs in good shape. And they typically range under $1,000!

10. ABC Carpet & Home

abchome.com | $1,100.00

If you’ve ever thought that vintage rugs look a little drab for your taste, ABC Home is the place for you! They specialize in taking faded vintage rugs in good shape and dying them bright colors. They are under their “Color Reform” category. They also follow the sanskrit process of taking scraps from old rugs and restoring them into a cohesive piece, found under the “Alchemy” collection.

11. Rejuvenation

rejuvenation.com | $899.00

Vintage rugs on this site come from Turkey, Persia, and the U.S. as Navajo rugs. Most of their limited inventory leans toward geometric and tribal patterns. Many boho trends utilize geometric patterns in their décor, so if you love this design style Rejuvenation may be the best site for you to check out.

12. Handknotted

handknotted.com | $1,369.00

Restoration being the game, Handknotted takes vintage rugs and uses three different techniques. First, they over dye them to make them more colorful and breathe new life in them. Then, they wash them to ensure their safety and quality in your home. Finally, they shave them down to a low pile for more durability. Due to this process, these rugs range more in the low thousands like $1,500-$5000.

13. Old New House

oldnewhouse.com | $1,810.00

When it comes to variety, Old New House wins. It offers a large range of vintage and antique rugs from multiple regions, with different levels of quality and varying designs. Immediately notice the difference between antique and vintage rugs with the word being added in each description respectively. Also, change the search filters to show oldest to newest in age if you prefer antique rugs.

14. Green Front Rugs

greenfrontrugs.com | $1,250.00

The curators at Green Front Rugs go directly to the sources for their rugs, meaning they have direct relationships with sellers in a variety of countries. They hand pick their rugs and offer a large variety from brand new to vintage. To view their vintage rugs, set the filter underneath the “Style” tab at the top.

15. Ambitious Home

ambitioushome.com | $830.00

Unless otherwise stated, each rug listed on Ambitious Home is one of a kind and vintage. They are each lovingly named cute names like “Carissa” and “Frankie,” so you know the owner really loves each one. Like Sister Golden, the curators do a wonderful job of choosing unique rugs that mesh well with modern design. They also seem to have a larger selection.

16. eCarpet Gallery

ecarpetgallery.com | $430.85

For a site that constantly runs different sales and marks down their vintage rugs, eCarpet Gallery remains a competitive place to find affordable vintage rugs. Under the “Rug Styles” tab, choose vintage for their full collection of vintage rugs. They also overdye faded vintage rugs, and you can find them under the “Overdyed and Distressed Rugs” category.

17. The Vintage Rug Shop

thevintagerugshop.com | $1,355.00

The founder of the Vintage Rug Shop created her collection because she was frustrated with new low-quality rugs. After discovering the quality of vintage rugs in-person at a flea market, she decided she wanted to hunt down quality vintage rugs as a side business. Part of the Vintage Rug Shop’s philosophy is to look for “the messiness and patina of everyday living” in all the décor and furniture they collect. That just sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

18. Maven Collection

mavencollection.com | $600.00

The owner of Maven Collection cares a lot about empowering artisans across the globe and ethically sourcing her products. You can rest assured that each rug is hand-picked and helps an artisan from across the globe. Not every rug listed is vintage, so be sure to click on the rug in which you are interested and read the description carefully. Many of these rugs look imperfect and handmade, which is either good or bad depending on what style you love!

19. The Gardener’s House

thegardenershouse.com | $600.00

This site makes it easy to explore different types of rugs in the same type of design style. They group their vintage rugs in named collections, such as “Vintage Color Collection,” “Free Form Collection,” and “The Flat Weave Collection.” They claim to be the first to marry the vintage Moroccan rug with modern style. Their presentation on their website seems to backup that claim.

20. Homestead Seattle

homesteadseattle.com | $476.00

The rugs on Homestead Seattle sell out very quickly, so the inventory is competitive. Based out of Seattle, this company strives to sell mid-century modern décor collected from all over. They offer all of their items to be rented with enough notice, so they are the perfect place to check out if you have an event or photo shoot coming up. You have to contact them for rental rates.

21. The Loom House

theloomhouse.com | $750.00

For antique Persian rugs specifically, check out the Loom House. By not spreading themselves too thin and offering a wide range, you notice the quality of each specially picked antique Persian rug on their site. Expect to pay thousands for one of these rugs since they are antique and typically in fantastic condition.

22. Huntt Vintage Rugs & Kilims

hunttrugs.com | $999.00

Dedicated to selling vintage and antique rugs solely, Huntt Vintage Rugs & Kilims offers a few categories. Vintage rugs are grouped based on different sizes, then there’s kilim rugs, Turkish rugs, Chinese rugs, and antique American hooked rugs. The antique American hooked rugs really set them apart from the competition with unique floral and domestic patterns.

23. Apartment Therapy Bazaar

marketplace.apartmenttherapy.com | $910.00

A surprising place to find vintage and antique rugs is Apartment Therapy’s Bazaar. Functioning much like eBay, you can choose options on the side to show rugs with fixed prices versus the ones taking the best offer. This site may be more time-consuming since you need to scroll through such a wide range of different types of rugs, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

24. Rug Source

rugsource.com | $522

Like other rug vendors, Rug Source sells rugs from antique to brand new. Make sure you select the antique category at the top in order to filter out the brand new options. Most of their antique rugs either list as Moroccan or Persian, so they are a great vendor to check out if you love these types of rugs!

25. Blue Parakeet Rugs

shopblueparakeetrugs.com | $1,675.00

On their About Page, Blue Parakeet Rugs claims that most of their rugs are a century old if not older. This means that most of their rugs are considered antique, which is amazing considering their affordability. Their prices ranges from a couple hundred dollars to up to $5,000.00.

26. Esmaili Rugs

esmailirugs.com | $899.00

Esmaili Rugs offers a wide variety from Asia, Africa, and North America. To view the vintage rugs, choose the vintage filter on the left-hand side. They also offer an antique filter. With each rug they offer a “tear sheet” where you can save a pdf of a detailed description of the rugs you are viewing, complete with pictures. This helps you to narrow down your search later if you need to think about your purchases.

27. New England Loom

newenglandloom.com | $879.00

Like Ambitious Home, The New England Loom names their rugs based on people or places. Since they handpick their rugs based on quality and color, they have a low inventory from which to choose. But that means you are choosing from the cream of the crop!

28. Rug and Weave

rugandweave.com | $582.00

Rug&Weave offers a small listing of vintage and antique rugs. Most, if not all, of the listings are under $1,000.00!

29. Swoon Rugs

swoonrugs.com | $595.00

Something special about Swoon Rugs is that they offer complimentary recommendations of vintage rugs for your space. You just email them at findmyrug@swoonrugs.com. Otherwise, browse their curated collections of vintage rugs for handpicked quality.

30. Loom + Kiln

loomandkiln.com | $878.00

New rugs list every Wednesday at 9am, so the inventory stays fresh and updated at Loom + Kiln. Most of their rugs look like the tribal, boho-chic patterns so popular this decade.

31. Frances Loom

francesloom.com | $650.00

To view items before they sell out, become a member at Frances Loom. You can sign in and gain early access to listings about to drop. Otherwise, prepare to constantly find sold out listings on their page (they have extreme high demand and loyal shoppers).

33. Woven Abode

wovenabode.com | $750.00

Each rug at Woven Abode is either vintage or antique and lovingly named. Note that all sales are final, so make sure you love the rug you choose before you buy it!

34. EBTH

ebth.com | $39 (bid-based + shipping)

Like eBay, Everything but the House or EBTH works on a bid-based system. The shipping is where it hurts (always check shipping before bidding). However, many individual sellers use this platform, so deals abound. You never know what treasure you may find for a very reasonable price, even with shipping considered!

Did I miss any?

Who do you recommend for vintage and antique rug shopping? Leave them in the comments below. Also, if you buy from any of these vendors, leave pictures of your one-of-a-kind rugs so that we all can oooh and aaaah over your find!

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