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So you’ve perused Pinterest and dipped your toes into the vintage world by purchasing a few (or a ton, no judgement) brass candlesticks. Now you need some extra inspiration for how to use them in your home. Look no further! This guide will help you style your home in a chic modern way – a far cry from a vampire lair (unless that’s your thing).

Before we dive in to how to style with your brass candlesticks, let’s discuss value and maintenance. Some brass candlesticks are actually worth quite a lot of money. If you wonder how to tell if your brass candlestick is an antique and what it’s worth, check out this helpful post: Are Brass Candlesticks Worth Anything?.

Cleaning your candlesticks requires a different method based on whether or not they are covered with a lacquer, are pure brass, or just have a brass plating. To avoid any damaging methods, make sure you check out this post for tips on cleaning yours correctly.

Now, without further ado, here’s 13 chic ways to decorate with brass candlesticks.

1. On Your Entryway Table

If you can’t afford a nice chandelier in your entryway for extra light and elegance, place brass candlesticks on your entryway table instead! I recommend you use at least two candlesticks of differing heights to add dimension to your décor.

2. Along Your Fireplace Mantle

Sometimes your fireplace needs to be boarded up because it no longer works. In these instances, think about using a cluster of varying brass candlesticks to add light in a location your guests expect.

This option works for mantles above working fireplaces, too. Light the candles or leave them unlit for a timeless look. If you want to light them and add to your vintage décor, purchase some long-stem matches from Amazon like these:

3. Around Your Bathtub

Take your self care time to the next level by using brass candlesticks around your tub (please be careful when lighting!). When lit, it will feel like a luxury spa in your bathroom!

Extra points if you use tapered candles with a soothing scent that you can order from Amazon, like these:

4. Special Occasions

Use your brass candlestick obsession for your benefit by using them at all of your special events. This could be a wedding, Birthday party, anniversary, or just a really nice dinner for your friends and family. Using brass candlesticks elevates the experience and makes any table setting seem intimate and special.

5. On Your Coffee Table

Use your brass candlesticks on your coffee table, especially if you have a library or formal living room without a television. The low light of the candlesticks makes the space feel warmer and more inviting. They also help make an otherwise stuffy and too-perfect room feel comfortable.

6. As Chic Bookends

Just because they’re called candlesticks doesn’t mean that you have to use them that way. Get creative with them and use them as a pair of bookends. Amp up the vintage style by purchasing a vintage book bundle on Etsy, like this:

Go to Etsy to view this vintage book bundle.

7. Large Maximalist Clusters

A huge trend with this decade is going in the opposite direction of minimalism with “maximalism.” If you want to try out this trend without having to cover one of your walls with pictures or fill your room with plants, try clustering brass candlesticks together.

If you only have a couple and would like to get more, I recommend a bundle like this one from Etsy:

Go to Etsy to view this vintage brass candlestick bundle.

8. Seasonal Decor

When you’re not quite ready for year-round use of brass candlesticks, consider using them for a certain season. Use them during the Fall with pumpkins and dried wreaths. In the Christmas, you can use them instead of Christmas lights with garland.

Make the brass candlesticks even more seasonal by using specially scented candles, like these on Amazon:

9. Mixed with Other Metals

If you don’t really like the look of brass or you want to mix it up, consider placing them with other types of candlesticks. This looks best when using at least three different types, like silver, gold-plated, copper-plated, and/or wood.

10. With Colorful Candles

One way to blend the new with the old is to use colorful taper candles instead of plain white. Colorful candles look young and fresh, perfectly blending vintage candlesticks into a more modern room.

Take a look at packs of candles that come with different colors from Amazon, like this one:

11. Without Candles

If you like the look of brass candlesticks but don’t want to burn the candles for light, remove them entirely for a unique look. This looks best when grouped together and surrounded by other vintage items like books, vases, and china.

12. Year-Round Dining Room Centerpieces

The most practical way to integrate your candlesticks into your décor is to use them on your dining room table. If you sit down with your family every night for dinner, this helps make your time together feel more intimate.

13. In Place of a Lamp

To save on electricity and to incorporate a boho-chic vibe, use candlesticks instead of table lamps. They make everything feel organic and more connected to nature while also making your house look gorgeous.

14. Repurposed as a Serving Stand

If you love DIY projects, especially quick and easy ones, use some of your candlesticks as bases for unique serving stands. Vintage plates can be easily found at most thrift stores and work as great toppers. Just make sure to clean them and the candlesticks really well before using!

15. Small Vases/Planters

If you’re crazy about plants and want to use every inch of space that you can for them, then think about converting your brass candlesticks into vases/planters. You can glue dried flowers into the top for a beautiful, long-term vase. Or you can plant small succulents in them since they are durable and low-maintenance. Just make sure to put them near a window so that the succulents get plenty of light.

Now Go Decorate!

Now that you have some inspiration, go decorate with your brass candlesticks and post pictures in the comments below. Also, if you have any other ideas I missed, be sure to comment below with those so that we can learn together!

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